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Offers for families with young children

Parents and family cafes

For parents and young families with children up to the age of three, the Waldeck-Frankenberg district, in cooperation with the municipalities, offers events for exchange.

Parents' café with reading aloud offer for parents with small children (in the focus 0-3 years old)

The parents' café with reading aloud offer for parents with small children (in the focus 0-3 years old) is implemented by the district Waldeck-Frankenberg, in cooperation with the public libraries Frankenberg and Korbach. The events take place in a child-friendly environment and are accompanied by a library employee and a pedagogical specialist. Parents are given interesting and stimulating reading examples and can go on a journey of discovery into the world of books together with their child. Discovery backpacks filled with, for example, age-appropriate picture books, read-aloud books, hand puppets, audio plays and Tonie figures can be borrowed by parents and children.

Parents and family café in the district and Hanseatic city of Korbach

The Parents and Family Café is aimed at all families with children aged 0-3 years who would like to have an exchange with other families. Mothers and fathers are welcome with their children. The opportunity is offered to make new contacts in a pleasant and informal atmosphere, to exchange ideas and, if necessary, to ask the professionals about specific topics. Play materials are available on site for the children. The events are accompanied by two specialists from the cooperating daycare centers as well as the daycare center consultant. If necessary, additional care for siblings can be provided at the Korbach Youth Center, which is located directly across the street.

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