Offers for children and teenagers

Offers for children and teenagers

As part of the federal program "Catching up after Corona for Children and Youth", funds are being made available to the Waldeck-Frankenberg district to organize additional children's and youth camps and to further promote extracurricular youth work. The joint goal of the federal government and the district is to support children and young people and to counteract the possible negative effects of the Corona pandemic. The sports and youth work department has drawn up a guideline for the use of federal funds with the participation of various players from the associations, municipalities and churches involved in youth work in the Waldeck-Frankenberg district.


With the guideline "Catching up with Corona in children's and youth work", the district itself has the opportunity to develop new offers on the one hand, but it can also support various organizations.

  • Additional events with and without overnight stay from the district

    The recreational program of the sports and youth work department is also being expanded through the federal program. Whether several days with overnight stay or rather a day trip: The service is expanding its existing program and adapting it to the current needs of children and young people. As soon as new events or projects are developed, they are listed in the calendar of events and citizens are informed through various channels.

  • Promotion of events of other organizations

    The district can provide funding for events organized by voluntary and public youth welfare organizations, recognized youth groups or the district municipalities. Whether additional or extended events such as children's and youth camps, projects and day trips, the district supports the organizers by covering the costs for accommodation, meals, travel expenses, fees, etc. Who and what all can be supported is described in the guideline"Catching up with Corona in children and youth work". It is very easy to submit the application online .

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