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Media lending & advice

Media lending & advice

The Waldeck-Frankenberg District Media Centre supports not only teachers but all people in the field of youth and adult education. Whether through the rental of audiovisual media and equipment or the online provision of digital educational media for the school sector. This includes counselling and further training on the competent use of media and equipment: The centre helps to promote the media competence and education of children, young people and adults.

Digital teaching material

The media centre of the district has put a large stock of films, pictures, sounds and teaching/learning programmes online. With a few exceptions, these digital teaching materials have been created specifically for (subject) teaching, e.g. the images and sounds are appropriate for the respective target and age groups, and the contents fit the curricula and school syllabuses exactly. The use of media is a window to places of learning that cannot be reached or demonstrated in experiments, for example, because they are far away, dangerous, time-consuming or disproportionately expensive.

Media for pupils

Pupils can stream educational films, work online with a teaching/learning programme, participate in a video conference. For this purpose, they receive individual access data to the media centre's media library "Edupool" from their teachers.

Media for teachers

Teachers can not only stream most of the educational films, but also download them; in addition, numerous working materials (with solutions) are available with these didactic media. The digital teaching material can be directly integrated into schools' learning management systems and is thus available for individual student learning. Teachers can compile media lists specifically for their learning groups and only this targeted selection is then visible to the group. Teachers can also access a worksheet generator online with numerous ready-made, but individually adaptable worksheets. In order to use this service, registration with the media centre is necessary.

Video conferencing system

All teachers at schools in the district have had access to an intuitive video conferencing system since 2020. This enables not only "distance learning", but also parents' evenings and conferences. The applications mentioned are independent of operating systems and do not require installation on the end devices of the learners or teachers. Only an up-to-date internet browser is required.

Rental of robots and the like

Program-controlled machines make the process of digitisation a practical experience. Small robots and tools for the production of a digital video are available for this purpose.