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Child day care

Child day care

The desire to reconcile family and career requires a network of qualified and reliable services. The question of good childcare options is of great importance. In the meantime, child day care in Waldeck-Frankenberg has become an indispensable part of child day care as a youth welfare service.

In addition to childcare in daycare centres or all-day schools, the family care of young children in particular is increasingly becoming the responsibility of recognised childminders. It is often necessary to cover childcare times that lie outside the opening hours of other childcare facilities. This is where childminders can react flexibly and provide support.

Information for parents & guardians

Child day care in Waldeck-Frankenberg is provided by qualified day carers. In addition to care in day-care centres or all-day schools, it is an important building block for the compatibility of family and work.

Information for future childminders

The district of Waldeck-Frankenberg wants to expand the care services in Waldeck-Frankenberg according to demand - and is looking for interested persons who are willing to qualify accordingly.

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