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Self-help groups

Self-help contact point

Anyone who suffers from a physical or mental illness, is in a problematic situation, is experiencing a crisis or is otherwise affected by it, can gain new strength through exchange with others. This is exactly what the self-help groups in the district offer: exchange, support, comfort. Self-help groups bring together people who are equally affected by a health problem or a stressful life situation. They help each other, give each other support and orientation, safety and security. They share personal experiences with each other and exchange valuable information and practical tips.

The district of Waldeck-Frankenberg has set up a special contact point to bundle the self-help work in the district - and to support and promote the groups in their work. Its tasks are counselling, mediation and cooperation & networking . The self-help contact point of the district provides advice on all aspects of self-help and the work in a self-help group, informs about financial support possibilities and helps with the application process. If there is not yet a self-help group on the desired topic, they provide advice on how to start one. In addition, she gives tips for effective public relations work and assists groups in solving internal conflicts. She puts those affected in touch with existing self-help groups, speakers or support institutions.

Through the exchange of the self-help contact point with professionals from the health and social sectors and the cooperation with health care institutions, it benefits from a strong supra-regional network to promote the idea of self-help to the public and to anchor it in the region, thus creating a self-help-friendly and supportive climate in the Waldeck-Frankenberg district. The Self-Help Contact Point of the Waldeck-Frankenberg District is funded by the Community of Statutory Health Insurance Funds of Hesse.

New self-help groups

Groups on the following topics are currently being founded or were founded during the year and are still looking for more interested people:

  • Eder Lilys & Friends: Self-help group for lipedema and lymphoedema sufferers in Frankenberg and the surrounding area
  • Parkinson's self-help group, Korbach
  • Parkinson's disease, Bad Wildungen
  • Long Covid support group, online and presence
  • My life without you: Relatives after the death of an older child, Burgwald
  • Nevertheless On - self-help group for women and their relatives after sexualised violence, Bad Wildungen
  • Coffee klatsch - Chronic pain and social isolation, Lichtenfels
  • Open discussion group on coping with illness and everyday life, Korbach
  • Depression, Diemelstadt
  • ADHD adults, Bad Wildungen
  • Alcoholics Anonymous, Bad Wildungen
  • Intestinal diseases, Bad Wildungen

Self-help groups at a glance

  • Chronic diseases
    • Crohn's disease/Colitis Ulcerosa Frankenberg
    • Ilco - Stoma/ colorectal cancer patients Korbach
    • Aphasics' Meeting Bad Wildungen
    • Obesity Frankenberg
    • Obesity/Lip-Lymph Bad Arolsen
    • Lily Belles Korbach
    • FKJD Diabeteskinder Nordhessen e.V.
    • Diagnosis Fibromyalgia e.V. Korbach
    • Fibromyalgia FB e.V.
    • Self-help cardiovascular after surgery Korbach
    • High blood pressure under control Bad Wildungen
    • Arthrosis self-help Felsberg
    • Hearing loss and cochlear implant
    • Blind and visually impaired group Bad Arolsen
    • Women's self-help after cancer Bad Arolsen
    • Women's Self-Help Cancer Hessen e.V.
    • Prostate cancer Waldeck-Frankenberg
    • Federal Association Thyroid Cancer North Hesse/Kassel
    • Leukaemia and Lymphoma SHG North Hesse
    • COPD Bad Arolsen
    • Multiple Sclerosis Waldeck-Frankenberg
    • MS SHG "Lichtblick Waldeck-Frankenberg" Korbach
    • Regional group of people affected by neurofibromatosis Korbach
    • Parkinson Korbach
    • Osteoporosis Frankenberg u. Umgebung e.V.
    • Osteoporosis e.V. SHG 80 Korbach
    • Rheuma-Liga-Hessen e.v. Bad Wildungen - Homberg
    • Rheumatism SHG Bad Arolsen
    • Morbus Bechterew Korbach
    • Children's rheumatism North Hesse
    • Sleep apnoea SHG Bad Arolsen
    • Good Sleep Frankenberg and Surroundings
    • Sleep apnoea Bad Wildungen
    • Stroke SHG Frankenberg
    • Stroke SG Bad Wildungen
    • IG for Syringomyelia & Chiari Malformation
  • Psychological problems
    • DEPASH Self-Help Association North Hesse Frankenberg
    • DEPASH North Hesse Bad Arolsen
    • DEPASH Self-Help Association North Hesse Bad Wildungen
    • DEPASH Self-Help Association North Hesse Korbach
    • AnDePa Frankenberg
  • Addiction
    • Freundeskreis Battenberg, association for the support of addicts
    • Addiction support Freundeskreis Waldeck e.V. Korbach - Bad Wildungen
    • Addiction support Bad Wildungen e.V.
  • Special life situations
    • Dementia and depression in old age Bad Wildungen
    • Mentally ill people (guided group) Bad Arolsen
    • Parents/families with sick disabled children
    • Down Syndrome" discussion group Korbach
    • "What now" self-help group Korbach
    • Carers and Insea Self-Management Willingen
    • Money worries and consumption Bad Arolsen
    • Health, vitality and quality of life
    • Conflict and bullying in the workplace
    • Bereavement Café Frankenberg
    • Grief counselling "Together instead of lonely" Twistetal
    • "Sternenkinder" - "Happy Pregnancy" e.V.

If you are interested in taking part or would like more information, the self-help contact point is available by e-mail and telephone.



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Financial support for self-help groups

Self-help groups can apply for funding from the statutory health insurance funds. The self-help contact point of the district assists with the application process.

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