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Renovate and receive funding

In order to make life in rural areas more attractive, the Waldeck-Frankenberg district is striving for new utilization concepts with flexible monument protection, especially for older buildings: traditional and modern building forms can be combined well here. Construction measures in this area are supported by the Waldeck-Frankenberg district with a total volume of up to 500,000 euros per year.

With the support program for the renovation of old buildings, the Waldeck-Frankenberg district wants to set accents and create incentives to make rural areas even more livable. Smaller villages and urban districts in particular are to be strengthened as residential and business locations.

  • What is promoted?

    Funding is provided for structural investments in buildings and land in the village centers of the villages in the Waldeck-Frankenberg district. The implementation of the measure should include the use of elements of the typical regional architectural style - both in the conversion of old buildings and in new buildings. Investments with a minimum sum of 10,000 euros are eligible for funding. The amount of the subsidy is 30 percent of the eligible costs; however, the maximum amount is 25,000 euros.

  • Who is sponsored?

    Cities and municipalities, private individuals, clubs, associations or companies can receive funding.

  • Which measures are eligible?


    • Structural investments (renovation of old building fabric, floor plan optimization, demolition & deconstruction of old buildings for conversion and land preparation, replacement & new buildings, acquisition of vacant buildings and building land, creation of barrier-free access)
    • Planning costs for architect & engineering services
    • Investments in basic services and services of general interest
    • innovative projects of public, private, voluntary and civic initiatives
    • Preparatory measures (inner development concepts, municipal land renewal, creation of a building gap & vacancy register)
  • How do I receive the grant?

    Those wishing to take advantage of the grant program should:

    • describe the project idea/planned measure
    • Take advantage of the district's free and mandatory basic counseling service
    • submit an application for funding, including all necessary documents, to the district of Waldeck-Frankenberg