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Legal care

Legal care

Whether powers of attorney, procedures or guardianship decrees - the Waldeck-Frankenberg district is happy to advise those affected on legal issues under the guardianship law and support guardians in the performance of their duties.

The law on guardianship applies to adults who, due to a mental illness or a physical, mental or psychological disability, are no longer able to manage their own affairs in whole or in part and are therefore dependent on the help of others. These are predominantly older people. However, younger people may also need the help of a legal representative in the event of a mental disability, after serious accidents or mental or emotional illness. According to the provisions of the law on guardianship, a legal guardian is appointed for these persons in need of assistance. This may then act for the persons concerned to the extent determined by the court. The task of the guardian is to represent the person under guardianship to the outside world. In doing so, he or she must be guided by the welfare and wishes of the person concerned and arrange the care in such a way that the person in need of care can lead an independent life as far as possible.

The court in whose district the persons concerned have their personal residence at the time of the application is primarily responsible for ordering a guardianship. The application by the persons concerned or the suggestion by third parties for the opening of guardianship proceedings can be made at the guardianship authority or directly at the local court.

  • Health care proxy

    More and more people are making provisions for their old age and illness by having a health care proxy represent them to the outside world. Since only a person with full legal capacity can issue a power of attorney, it is advisable to give a person you trust a power of attorney for health care at an early stage. In this way, the establishment of a legal guardianship can be avoided if the need for assistance arises.

    Appropriate forms and information brochures are available free of charge from guardianship associations, guardianship authorities and guardianship courts. For a fee of 10 euros, the social affairs department of the district of Waldeck-Frankenberg carries out public certifications of health care proxies.

  • Consulting services

    In carrying out their work, caregivers receive advice and assistance from the locally active care associations, from the Waldeck-Frankenberg district and from the competent care courts. The guardianship associations support volunteer guardians and beneficiaries of a health care proxy with the following offers:

    • Personal advice on all care issues
    • Information events on guardianship law and health care proxies
    • Training of volunteer guardians and interested parties on guardianship law according to the Hessian Curriculum
    • Assistance and advice in the preparation of health care proxies and advance directives
    • Exchange of experience and discussion offers for caregivers and authorized representatives
  • Guardianship Courts

    Korbach Local Court
    Hagenstraße 2
    34497 Korbach
    Tel. 05631 - 56050

    Frankenberg Local Court
    Geismarer Straße 22
    35066 Frankenberg
    Tel. 06451 - 72610

    Fritzlar Local Court (responsible for Bad Wildungen and Edertal)
    Am Hospital 15
    34451 Fritzlar
    Tel. 05622 - 99330

  • Support Associations

    Support association of the DRK
    34497 Korbach
    Arolser Landstraße 23
    Tel. 05631 - 95990

    Support association of the DRK
    Königsquellenweg 2a
    34537 Bad Wildungen
    Tel. 05621 - 78920

    DRK Care Association
    Auestraße 25
    35066 Frankenberg
    Tel. 06451 - 72270

    Betreuungsverein Der Punkt e. V.
    Große Allee 16
    34454 Bad Arolsen
    Tel. 05691 - 628153

    Support association Treffpunkt e.V.
    Hufelandstraße 12
    34537 Bad Wildungen
    Tel. 05621 - 96580

    Betreuungsverein Treffpunkt e.V.
    Hainstraße 51
    35066 Frankenberg
    Tel. 06451 - 72430

    Support association Treffpunkt e.V.
    Flechtdorfer Straße 11
    34497 Korbach
    Tel. 05631 - 5069018

    Support association Lebenshilfe Waldeck e.V.
    Am Kniep 6c
    34497 Korbach
    Tel. 05631 - 7012

    Betreuungsverein Lebenshilfe Frankenberg e.V.
    Bremer Str. 4
    35066 Frankenberg
    Tel. 06451 - 4085387

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