Aerial view of three family houses with gardens


Building in Waldeck-Frankenberg

Building well - that is easier said than done. Building always means dealing as a builder with an initially large number of individual aspects, bringing in information and experience from others or from one's own experience, and deriving decisions for different issues from this. It is crucial not to get bogged down in details at the beginning of the deliberations, but to start with the essential questions of planning - because if the foundations are laid incorrectly, the house will not be able to meet expectations, no matter how great the construction effort.

A basic rule of architecture gives an idea of what any new or redesigned house must do: It must be suitable for the tasks that people expect of it as a place for living, working and recreation. It must not have any defects as a structure assembled from a wide variety of building types and parts, and it must comply with the rules of building technology. Moreover, a house should also be an expression of an architectural attitude. For this, it must be considered by a planner and, as an individual object, it must fit harmoniously into its surroundings. Only then will it be able to please. Triad of functional fulfillment, durability and beauty should be observed by every builder.

The district is happy to support builders, architects or public authorities in all matters from construction planning, building law and approval procedures to implementation. Through comprehensive consultations on all issues that are important for the approval of a building project, the district supports prospective builders in their construction projects and is the point of contact for building and planning law assessments.

Intervention permit

For structural measures, intervention permits, compensation and replacement measures are usually required.