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The County Committee has formed commissions to prepare its resolutions. The commissions set up for specific areas of responsibility ensure expert advice on special administrative matters on the basis of the particular professional qualifications of their members. In addition to the district administrator, they may include other members of the district committee, members of the district council and - if deemed appropriate - knowledgeable residents. The following commissions exist in the district of Waldeck-Frankenberg:

  • School Commission
  • Sports Commission
  • Psychiatry Advisory Board
  • Inclusion Commission

Operating Commissions

The operating commissions of the Eigenbetrieb Abfallwirtschaft and the Waldeckische Domanialverwaltung of the Waldeck-Frankenberg district supervise the management of the company and prepare the resolutions of the district council. The Waldeck-Frankenberg district has the following operating commissions:

  • Domanial Commission