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Strong networks

Strong networks

Life in Waldeck-Frankenberg offers many opportunities for a wide variety of lifestyles. Cohesion is written in capital letters. This is also reflected in numerous strong networks. Big cities are anonymous, life in the country is stuffy - none of these prejudices are true, and you can see this for yourself in Waldeck-Frankenberg. One thing is certain: here, people live together instead of side by side. It's the community that counts here!

Become a country doctor

Proximity to people, variety in the job, life with the family or a rural environment - every family doctor has precise ideas about his or her everyday working life. There are many opportunities for rural physicians to practice their profession in the Waldeck-Frankenberg district.

Gaining a foothold in the district

As is well known, you can't stand on one leg - that's why the district wants to support NewComers and HomeComers with the "SuSe" project to build up a creative leg for a good life in Waldeck-Frankenberg in addition to a professional mainstay.

Network for tolerance

The Network for Tolerance Waldeck-Frankenberg is dedicated to promoting tolerance and democracy in the Waldeck-Frankenberg district and working against racism, discrimination, intolerance and right-wing extremism.

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Voluntary commitment is written BIG

Volunteering in Waldeck-Frankenberg is of great importance. It is an expression of willingness to take responsibility and solidarity.