Moss-covered tree trunk in a deciduous forest

Discover natural monuments

Discover natural monuments

A natural monument is an individual creation of nature or a corresponding area up to five hectares in size, which is placed under protection by the Waldeck-Frankenberg district. According to § 28 of the Federal Nature Conservation Act, their special protection results from scientific, natural-historical or land-cultural reasons or because of their rarity, peculiarity or beauty.

Together with the citizens concerned, the municipalities, institutions and associations, a total of 284 individual creations were placed under this special protection and designated as natural monuments by the Waldeck-Frankenberg district with the Natural Monuments Ordinance of March 2013; these include 99 trees and groups of trees, 41 ponds and wetlands, 35 species-rich grassland areas, heaths, hute forests, moors and geological features. The protection ordinance is accompanied by various regulations and requirements that ensure the long-term preservation of the natural monuments. Necessary maintenance and road safety measures are taken over by the Lower Nature Conservation Authority.

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Interactive map of the natural monuments

The interactive map shows all natural monuments. Here, interested people have the possibility to inform themselves about the monuments.

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