Tomatoes in wicker basket and spice shaker stand on a table

Regional products

Regional products

Indulgence seekers are in the right place in Waldeck-Frankenberg. For all those who want to live consciously and healthily, the district offers everything the heart desires. Whether organic lovers, vegans, vegetarians or fish and meat eaters: There is something for everyone here. In cozy restaurants or freshly harvested from their own garden - regional specialties invite you to enjoy. Direct marketers and artisans from the region can be found on an overview map.

Vegetables in green plastic boxes lie in a store

Direct marketer

Epicureans are in the right place here. For all those who want to live consciously and healthily, Waldeck-Frankenberg offers what the heart desires. Whether fish or meat eaters, organic food lovers, vegetarians or vegans: There is something for everyone.

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Clay covered hands form a clay jug


Arts and crafts combine skill and creativity with value and sustainability. The artisans create high-quality products with care, the best materials, attention to detail and a lot of passion.

Church spire and spire behind a stone wall, on the right a house roof protrudes above the wall

Enjoying the good
(country) life

Big cities are anonymous, life in the country is stuffy: The best way to see for yourself that none of these preconceptions are true is to visit Waldeck-Frankenberg.

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