Carrot bunch and leek bunch in a farm store

Quality campaign for healthy lunchtime catering

Healthy Lunch Quality Initiative

A balanced diet is the basis for good development - especially at a young age. In the daycare centers in Waldeck-Frankenberg, many children are cared for all day. A wholesome lunch is one of the basic prerequisites for growing up healthy. The district is actively promoting balanced lunchtime meals: To this end, it is working with the Technical University of Dortmund on a concept for an optimal catering system in rural daycare centers.

According to studies, food that is prepared externally and delivered daily loses important nutrients due to prolonged keeping warm - and thus significantly loses quality. The aim of the initiative is to improve the catering in the daycare centers: from the cook & chill system to the preparation of fresh meals with regional foods on site. The district provides financial support for the necessary renovations. The project also involves elderly people or people living alone, who eat the healthy lunches together with the children.