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Health Promotion

Health Promotion

Living well means staying healthy. That is why the Waldeck-Frankenberg district is committed to protecting and promoting the health of the population in Waldeck-Frankenberg. Whether it is measures to protect against infections or preventive steps to keep healthy: as part of the public health service, the district is constantly working to ensure health care in Waldeck-Frankenberg - and initiates appropriate offers and projects to this end.

With its "Health Creates the Future" offensive, the Waldeck-Frankenberg district is pursuing a comprehensive and targeted strategy to ensure sustainable health care in Waldeck-Frankenberg. A comprehensive package of measures - adapted to the individual needs of the largest district in Hesse - is intended to promote and strengthen the area of health in the long term. It is not without reason that the project has been honored as an excellent place within the nationwide initiative "Germany - Land of Ideas" .

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Health creates the future

The "Gesundheit schafft Zukunft" ("Health creates the future") offensive is putting together a package of measures to secure and improve health care in Waldeck-Frankenberg in the long term - and to adapt it to the needs of Hesse's largest district.

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Health Promotion & Prevention

With the support of the SHI Alliance for Health, the Waldeck-Frankenberg district would like to develop a sustainable overall strategy to strengthen health promotion and prevention in the long term.

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Care young teeth

Oral hygiene and nutritional counseling: Dental health, especially in kindergartens and schools, is promoted by the district's youth dental care working group.

Prevent infections

To prevent the spread of infectious diseases, the county provides information and advice on protective and preventive measures.

Vaccinate preventively

The county advises interested parties on recommended immunizations - both domestically and for vacations abroad.

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Sports in

Living well means staying healthy.
That's why the county is committed to health protection and sports promotion.

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