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Accessibility statement

The district of Waldeck-Frankenberg designs its website in accordance with the relevant regulations on accessibility. The following legal provisions apply to us:

This accessibility statement applies to the website of the Waldeck-Frankenberg district.

To increase accessibility and facilitate usability with various handicaps, this website offers the following options:

  • Keyboard navigation: As an alternative to mouse control, we provide a useful tab logic to enable smooth keyboard navigation.
  • Changeable text size: The font size of the web page can be increased as desired.
  • Contrast of texts: To accommodate people with different types of color weaknesses, there is an option to display the web page in a strong contrast mode.

Feedback and contact details

Have you noticed any deficiencies in the barrier-free access to content on our website or do you have any comments or questions about barrier-free access? Please feel free to contact us!

Status of compatibility with the requirements

The requirements of accessibility result from §§ 3 paragraphs 1 to 4 and 4 of the HVBIT, which was issued on the basis of §14 of the HessBGG. The Waldeck-Frankenberg district is working to fully meet the requirements of the currently valid state of accessibility. Content and functions that currently do not fully comply are listed below.

Incompatibility with accessibility legislation

The contents listed below are not compatible with the relevant legal regulations on accessibility:

  • PDF files
  • Content in plain language and sign language is not yet available everywhere and is still being added.
  • Visual feedback is not always given when operating with the keyboard
  • With the event filter, the set filters cannot be deselected again with the keyboard alone
  • the alternative texts for images are not yet stored for all graphics

Disproportionate burden

The revision of the numerous non-accessible PDFs are a disproportionate burden according to §3 paragraph 5 HVBIT. Upon request, we will be happy to provide you with the information you need in a low-barrier version.

Our self-assessment

The website of the Waldeck-Frankenberg district ( is largely barrier-free.


  • all images are provided with an alternative text
  • the page has a high contrast value (apart from the breadcrumb navigation, i.e. the link path that provides orientation for the users of the website and simplifies navigation, e.g. "live & enjoy - strengthen diversity - inclusion - accessibility")
  • all texts were already set in 100% resolution in a large font


  • an easy language page describes the district and its activities
  • an explanation of the language change is provided in 10 different languages
  • an explanation of the resolution changeover is provided in 10 different languages
  • Almost all texts are written in simple language*.

Texts which are not written in simple language:*.

  • Services, which are imported from the Hessenfinder of the state of Hessen
  • PDF documents provided for download
  • Texts that cannot be drafted otherwise due to the applicable legal basis

Our goals until 2025

  • All district websites to be barrier-free by the end of 2025 at the latest
  • the area of easy language is to be expanded even further
  • the simple language is to be implemented in further areas

Evaluation method

The statement was created based on the accessibility tests of the BIK for All project(

Enforcement Proceedings

If you believe that you have been disadvantaged by an inadequate barrier-free design of our website, you can contact the responsible enforcement body. You can reach them at:

State Commissioner for Accessible IT
Neue Bäue 2, 35390 Gießen
Tel. 0641 303-2901

We are looking forward to your feedback!

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