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Pro career orientation

Per career orientation

Theory meets practice: "Pro Berufsorientierung", a joint program that is unique in Hesse, already offers a two-and-a-half-year career orientation program in seven secondary schools in the Waldeck-Frankenberg district. In addition to their general school education, the young people are accompanied through the program for two and a half years. For one year, they also visit the workshops and specialist rooms of the Korbach Bad Arolsen vocational schools or the training construction yards of the Waldeck-Frankenberg district craftsmen's association one day a week - thus gaining an insight into a wide range of occupational fields:

  • Metal, electrical, wood, construction and automotive engineering
  • Color technology/room design
  • Gastronomy/Service
  • Nutrition/Cooking
  • Health
  • Economy and administration
  • Social Services
  • Body care

In the practical phase, they deepen their knowledge of the work in the various professional fields, learn what it means to work in a team and what skills are expected in the different areas.

  • Program description and modules

    The program enables young people at secondary schools in grade seven and above to receive in-depth career guidance with a high practical component. An important component is thematic group work at the participating general education schools. The program is divided into five modules.

    Module 1 - Raising awareness of topics and issues related to the world of work, career orientation and the choice of training and occupation.

    The young people deal with the requirements of the working world both practically and theoretically. The subsequent practical testing in different occupational fields at the vocational schools is prepared, e.g. by a visit to the vocational schools (presentation days).

    Module 2 - Practical professional orientation

    The young people get to know three occupational fields selected by them at the vocational schools and the district craftsmen's association and try out their skills once a week under the guidance of the vocational school teachers and training supervisors.
    approx. 6 weeks - Occupational field A
    approx. 6 weeks - Occupational field B
    approx. 6 weeks - Occupational field C

    Module 3 - Practical training

    The practical experience gained is now deepened in an occupational field. The young people have the opportunity to consolidate and expand their skills. Career counseling by the employment agency also takes place during this phase. In particular, they compare the students' ideas with the requirements of the companies and provide tips for the application process. At the end of the practical career orientation, the students present their projects and learned skills to the public and future training companies in the area during an afternoon.

    Module 4 - Application training incl. concrete preparation for training, support in preparing application documents, preparation for interviews, contact with companies, concrete preparation for taking up a training position.

    After the practical experience, a (preliminary) career choice decision is now to be made. In the process, the students learn to deal intensively with the regional training market and are shown how to specifically search for training positions and prepare for interviews. Job interviews and self-presentation are practiced. An important component is the application documents, which are prepared individually in this context. The thematic group work on this complex of topics is supplemented by individual support and individual assistance for the students by the social pedagogues.

    Module 5 - Realization strategy: Individual counseling, reviewing/concretizing career choice decisions, selecting training companies, dealing with personal concerns.

    With this module, the integration approach in education is accompanied and controlled in small steps, taking into account the individual starting position of the students.

  • Participating schools

    Kaulbachschule Bad Arolsen
    Social pedagogical support: Corinna Kieselbach
    E-Mail: kaulbachschule@schulsozialarbeit.wafkb.de

    Kugelsburgschule Volkmarsen
    Social pedagogical support: Daniela Boese
    E-Mail: kugelsburgschule@schulsozialarbeit.wafkb.de

    Mittelpunktschule Sachsenhausen
    Social pedagogical support: Tatjana Naderian
    E-Mail: mps-sachsenhausen@Schulsozialarbeit.wafkb.de

    Ortenbergschule Frankenberg
    Social pedagogical support: Regina Specht-Mohr
    E-Mail: ortenbergschule@schulsozialarbeit.wafkb.de

    Gesamtschule Battenberg
    Social pedagogical support: Stefanie Schmidt
    E-Mail: gesamtschule-battenberg@berufsorientierung.wafkb.de

    Cornelia-Funke-Schule Gemünden
    Social pedagogical support: Carolin Berger
    E-Mail: hans-viessmann-schule@schulsozialarbeit.wafkb.de

    Burgwaldschule Frankenberg
    Social Pedagogical Support Johanna Berendes
    E-Mail: burgwaldschule@schulsozialarbeit.wafkb.de