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Children benefit from being cared for in a daycare center, by a daycare mother or a daycare father - the diverse stimuli promote the development of linguistic, motor and social skills. Child minders, daycare centers, parent-child centers, after-school care centers and all-day schools - they help parents to better combine children and work. In the Waldeck-Frankenberg district, there are numerous offers and customized and individual care options.

Child day care

The desire to reconcile family and career requires a network of qualified and reliable offers. Child day care has become an indispensable component of care.

Care at schools

The Waldeck-Frankenberg district offers childcare services at 30 of 38 elementary schools and at three special schools in the district. A total of around 1,350 children currently use the existing services.

Pact for the afternoon

For several years now, the district has been offering the "Pakt für den Nachmittag" (Pact for the Afternoon) education and childcare program in the area of all-day schools. A total of around 1,000 children are currently taking advantage of this offer.

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Healthy lunch" quality campaign

In the daycare centers in Waldeck-Frankenberg, many children are cared for full-time. The district is actively promoting healthy lunches.

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