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Council of Elders

Council of Elders

The council of elders of the district Waldeck-Frankenberg plans, coordinates and controls the functioning of the district council.it is composed of the chair of the district council and the district council factions. The chairman of the district council chairs the council of elders. The district administrator and the department heads are also invited to the meetings of the Council of Elders to provide information on administrative matters.

The main statutes of the Waldeck-Frankenberg district require the council of elders to assist in the preparation and conduct of district council meetings in order to spare the district council lengthy and fruitless disputes about points of order. ln the council of elders, however, no substantive decisions are made about the agenda items to be discussed in the district council. It merely determines the organizational direction and also has an influence on the structure of a debate - in particular on the speaking times of the deputies on the agenda items in the meetings.

The Council of Elders shall work to facilitate cooperation among the parliamentary groups in the county council, for example, by resolving disagreements in the interpretation of the rules of procedure of the county council. In doing so, it assists the county council chairperson in conducting business. The Council of Elders, which usually meets in a collegial atmosphere, does not vote, but reaches agreements - mostly by consensus.

The Council of Elders of the Waldeck-Frankenberg District is currently composed of the following members:

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