Immediate help in case of rape

Immediate help after rape

For many victims, reporting a rape to the police is out of the question or they feel unable to make this decision for the time being. Therefore, they often do not turn to the police and often remain medically underserved because they fear that they will be pressured into reporting. This can result in significant health consequences and psychological stress.

In the Waldeck-Frankenberg district, victims can receive medical care after a rape without reporting it to the police. Therefore, care WITH evidence recovery as well as WITHOUT evidence recovery is possible. Medical confidentiality applies.

After a rape, there is the possibility of acute medical care in the district hospital in Frankenberg. The examination and medical care are free of charge. If the victim wishes to have the traces secured, this will also be done free of charge. The secured traces are kept for one year in the forensic medicine in Gießen. For minors, the one-year storage period begins at the age of 18. If the person concerned decides to press charges during this period, the evidence can then be used by the police. If no charges are filed, the material is destroyed after one year.

In order to receive optimal treatment, it is strongly recommended that contact be made as described on the homepage Affected persons are asked to obtain information there and then visit the clinic.