Internship with the district

The district of Waldeck-Frankenberg offers many internships at its various locations. Whether it is an internship for a technical secondary school, internships for pupils or for university studies, the administration offers many interested people the opportunity to get a taste of the various specialist services and to get to know working life better.

One-year internship at a technical college for business and administration

The district is awarding internships for a year's practical training within the framework of the technical secondary school for the field of economics and administration. At present, the areas of assignment can be the Foreigners' Affairs Department (Frankenberg or Korbach), the Transport Department (Frankenberg), the Youth Department (Frankenberg or Korbach) and the Environment Department (Korbach).

During the one-year internship, one gets to know the diverse tasks of an administrative assistant and can also gain an insight into other professional fields. The district also pays the FOS trainees a monthly pocket money of 150 euros.

Year-long internship at the Fachoberschule Soziales

In cooperation with the Schools and Education Department and the schools of the Waldeck-Frankenberg district, it is possible to complete the social work internship. An application must be sent directly to the school in question.

School internship

The district of Waldeck-Frankenberg offers internships for pupils. Among other things, short-term internships are offered as part of vocational preparation for the various types of schools or simply for students' own career orientation during the school holidays. Many areas of the administration are available for this purpose. Whether it ends up being an insight into the activities of the Social Affairs Department, the Building Department or the Transport Department (or another of the many departments in the building) depends entirely on the applicant's interests and can also be communicated to the district in the application.

Student internship

The district offers internships for students in a wide variety of fields. Whether studying public administration, nature and environmental protection, social work or another subject. The district administration offers many opportunities for a student internship, e.g. for the BPS I or the recognition internship as part of the social work degree.

Our intern Pia says about the annual internship:

"I decided to do an internship at the district of Waldeck-Frankenberg because I am very interested in the work processes in a public authority. The work in the youth department is very varied. So far, I have been assigned to different areas and have thus gained a good insight into the work that has to be done on a daily basis. I like the internship very much and I can very well imagine an apprenticeship as an administrative assistant with the district in the future. Therefore, I will also apply for an apprenticeship." Pia Schäfer, one-year trainee at a technical secondary school.