Spire and spire behind a stone wall, on the right a house roof protrudes above the wall

Country life

Country life

Big cities are anonymous, life in the country is stuffy: the best way to convince yourself that none of these prejudices are true is to come to Waldeck-Frankenberg. One thing is certain: here people live together instead of side by side - and work together as a team through numerous projects and initiatives for a living space worth living in for a good life in Waldeck-Frankenberg.

Village renewal

In Hessen's largest district, villages and smaller towns are attractive and lively living spaces for the whole family, whose social, cultural and economic potentials the district promotes.

Regional development

Local action groups from Waldeck-Frankenberg are a strong driving force in regional development - and with the support of European funding they ensure the constant further development of the region.

Our village has a future

"Our Village has a Future" is a nationwide competition that has been held in almost every federal state since 1959. Its aim is to motivate people in rural areas to play an active role in shaping the future of their homeland.

Two apples on one branch

Waldeck-Frankenberg as a model region for organic farming

Organic farming is environmentally and climate friendly. As one of eight eco-model regions in Hesse, the district is working on how this form of farming can be further developed.

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