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Lifelong learning

Lifelong learning

As society changes, so do the demands that work and everyday life place on each individual. Lifelong learning means the personal willingness to face changing conditions in all areas of life, to remain curious and to actively help shape the personal and social environment.

Lifelong learning is therefore becoming increasingly important. Not only for society and the economy, but also for the personal development of each individual. Lifelong learning helps to cope with social changes and to better face the challenges of the labour market. It creates self-confidence and can decisively improve the quality of life. The district of Waldeck-Frankenberg also offers corresponding opportunities to continue learning and developing throughout one's life.

Hesse Campus Waldeck-Frankenberg

In Waldeck-Frankenberg, you can continue your education and further develop yourself throughout your life. As a network of education providers in the region, the HESSENCAMPUS Waldeck-Frankenberg offers numerous opportunities. These include general and vocational education, catching up on school-leaving qualifications and expanding skills for shaping one's personal life - for social, cultural and political participation.

Educational guidance

Educational counselling is geared to the individual biography and needs of the person seeking guidance. Together, goals are worked out, perspectives are opened up and options for action for personal development are shown. The aim is to sustainably strengthen the educational potential and to make new educational paths accessible together.