young couple with dog sitting on barren forest floor with deciduous trees in background


Discover nature

Breathe deeply. Refuel. Clear your head. Waldeck-Frankenberg offers pure nature. Here you can come to rest, let your soul dangle - and do something for yourself. As a local recreation area, the district offers numerous recreational opportunities to relax. No less than three reservoirs - Edersee, Diemelsee and Twistesee - promise not only swimming fun, but also a variety of exciting water sports activities such as surfing, water skiing or sailing.

You can experience untouched nature in the Kellerwald-Edersee National Park, whose ancient beech forests have been a UNECSO World Natural Heritage Site since 2011. Whether observing animals or experiencing the idyllic landscapes of the Kellerwald: Waldeck-Frankenberg offers unique nature experiences - and a breathtaking view of the stars in a crystal-clear night sky.

Maintain landscapes

Coordinating nature conservation measures, preserving cultural landscapes: The Waldeck-Frankenberg district has founded a landscape conservation association to preserve plant and animal habitats - and thus promote species conservation.

Discover natural monuments

Whether plants or entire areas: Waldeck-Frankenberg is home to numerous natural monuments - individual creations of nature that the district has placed under special protection because of their rarity, uniqueness or beauty.

Bringing the past to life

A time travel through the history of the earth: The Geopark GrenzWelten of the Waldeck-Frankenberg district invites you to discover geological, historical and cultural development at the eastern edge of the Rothaargebirge - also virtually and interactively.

Stream running through meadow in deciduous forest

National Park

Fascination wilderness: In the national park you can discover rare animal and plant species and some of the last near-natural beech forests of western Central Europe.

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