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Work & Family Alliance

Work & Family Alliance

Children are our present and without them there is no future. This requires a social climate in which children are welcome. Because family friendliness is not only a self-evident wish and justified demand of the families themselves - family friendliness is one of the central social concerns of the present.

Ensuring a family-friendly life in Waldeck-Frankenberg is the task of politics, business, administration and all social groups that help shape the living environment of families. The Regional Alliance Work and Family wants to put the situation of families in Waldeck-Frankenberg at the centre of political and social interest across all generations from the child phase to old age - and continuously work together to improve the living conditions of families. This is also an important impulse for the economic development of the region.

  • Award

    For more and more companies, the compatibility of work and family is one of the most important competitive and locational advantages. Every company that needs well-trained specialists and managers must offer a family-conscious personnel policy. Effective measures to reconcile work and family contribute to improving a family-conscious climate in the Waldeck-Frankenberg district.

    In order to communicate this important topic to the public and companies and to raise awareness, the Regional Alliance for Work and Family regularly announces the competition "Family-friendly companies in the district". It would like to motivate companies to participate in the competition with their family-conscious measures with a special honour and award.

  • Working groups

    In order to further improve family-friendliness in Waldeck-Frankenberg, working groups on various topics have been formed in the Work and Family Alliance:

  • Alliance partner

    Numerous partners from Waldeck-Frankenberg have joined forces in the Work and Family Alliance:

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Family-friendly employer" seal of quality

As an employer, the district attaches great importance to considering and taking seriously concerns about family friendliness within the individual work situation.

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