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Easy language

Easy language

A warm welcome to you!

You are on the Internet page of the district Waldeck-Frankenberg.
You need an information?
You are looking for an application?
Or you want to read new news from the district?

This is how you can use our Internet site.

On the home page you have 3 options.

You click at the very top of the home page on:

At "inform & apply", for example, you will find all benefits from the district.
Are you looking for a specific benefit there?
Then click on "benefits & applications".

Are you looking for a specific employee there?
Then click on "Contact persons".
There you will also find the telephone numbers of the employees.
And the e-mail addresses of the employees.

Or you can use the search box.
There is a search box on the image in the middle.

You can use this to search for information.
You can type a word here.

For example:
You are looking for information about driver' s license.
Then type the word "driver's license" in the search box.
Then a new window will open.
And you will get information about driver's license.

There are also 3 options under the image.

Here you will find all applications.
For example:
For family matters.
For building applications.
Or for agriculture.

Are you looking for a job with the district?
Here you can find current job offers.
The district also offers apprenticeships.
Or would you like to do an internship?
Then you can get information here.

Here you can find information about the county.

For example, about:

  • The Kellerwald-Edersee National Park.
  • Natural Monuments.
  • Overnight accommodations.
  • Recreational activities.

You can find new news from the district under the item: News.

To do this, click on the field for a report:  

Then you can read the whole report.

At events you will find offers from the district.

Are you interested in an event?
Then click on the event:

Then you will receive more information about this event.


At the end of the home page you will still find important information.

This is how you can reach us.

For example, about data protection.
You will also find a contact form here.

When can you reach us?
Here you can find the information.

Do you need help for the visually impaired?
Would you like to read the information in easy-to-read language?
Or do you need the information in another language.
Then you will find help here.