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Network for tolerance

Network for tolerance

The Network for Tolerance Waldeck-Frankenberg is dedicated to promoting tolerance and democracy in the district and working against racism and right-wing extremism. The network's work focuses on actively conveying knowledge about coming to terms with the past, democratic forms of participation and promoting integration, and is implemented through district-wide network conferences, various working groups and offerings such as training courses, workshops, exhibitions and information events.

A steering group manages the network; in addition to the specialized services of youth, sports, and village and regional development, it is composed of representatives of all district council factions, the police, the State Education Authority, the Upland School in Willingen, the Youth Forum, and the German-Turkish Association in Frankenberg.

Since 2015, the Waldeck-Frankenberg Network for Tolerance has been funded by the "Live Democracy!" program of the German Federal Ministry for Family Affairs. This provides it with financial resources to support integration projects, welcome initiatives or other projects, for example.

Lecture "Fake Facts

Conspiracy theories have become increasingly prevalent in recent months. What leads people to believe these narratives was explained in more detail in an online seminar organized by the Network for Tolerance and the DEXT Center for Democracy Education and Extremism Prevention. The civil rights activist and publicist Katharina Nocun gave the lecture. Among other things, she explained which psychological factors play a role in conspiracy belief and how to deal with conspiracy theorists.