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There is room for individualists in Waldeck-Frankenberg. For tenants, creative do-it-yourselfers or home builders: in the district, you can rent inexpensive apartments, remodel traditional living space to your heart's content or create a cozy home of your own for the whole family - all at affordable prices.

Whether spacious living space in the (old) city, the farm in the countryside or the cottage in the countryside: Waldeck-Frankenberg offers plenty of space to realize yourself - close to nature and, if you feel like it, also with your own garden.

You can discover them on a walk through the historic old towns: ancient town halls, marketplaces steeped in history - and small alleys where, with a lot of imagination, you can still hear the clatter of horses' hooves on the cobblestones. The history of the district lives on in magnificent old buildings or cozy half-timbered houses.

Whether it's the first four walls of your own, a cozy apartment for couples or enough square meters with space for the whole family: Waldeck-Frankenberg offers living space for every need at fair rental prices.

Build your own home in the county

Who wouldn't want to live in their own house, built the way they've dreamed of for a long time? But before the front door key can be turned for the first time, there are a number of things to plan and consider. The Waldeck-Frankenberg district is happy to support all builders with appropriate consulting services.

Renovate and receive funding

In order to make life in rural areas even more attractive, the district is striving for new utilization concepts with flexible monument protection, especially for older buildings: traditional and modern building forms can be combined well here. The district supports construction measures in this area with funds of up to 500,000 euros per year.

Monument protection in Waldeck-Frankenberg

When people think of monuments, they usually have castles, palaces or churches in mind. Ordinary houses or factories can also be monuments - and enjoy special protection. Monument protection by no means means standstill. Structural changes simply have to be approved by the district as the monument protection authority.

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Retrieve online development plans

Before buying a plot of land, it is worth taking a look at the development plan: It specifies how areas and buildings can be designed in an area.

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