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Family Support

Family Support

The Waldeck-Frankenberg district offers support and advice for families. many situations in life. Whether advice in partnership, help for parents, children and adolescents, support in custody issues or on specific support services: The employees of the various specialized services are happy to provide advice.

Temporary home for children

There are situations in which parents are temporarily unable to raise, care for and provide for their children. For these situations, the district is looking for foster parents who can provide temporary support.

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Maintenance advance

If the support of minor children is not secured because the parent liable for support does not pay or cannot pay support for this child, the county can make advance payments under certain conditions.

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Education and participation

Children, adolescents and young adults from low-income families have a legal right to support services for education and participation in social and cultural life in the community.

Social service

The social service of the Waldeck-Frankenberg district offers children, adolescents, young adults and parents advice, support and assistance in various life situations - especially crisis situations and conflicts.

Help with custody issues

Parents are entitled to support in all custody matters. The counseling aims in particular at the development of parents' own competence to jointly and responsibly take care of the concerns and duties for their children, even in case of partner problems.

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Help for children, parents and teenagers

The counseling center for parents, children and adolescents offers advice on parenting issues, individual problems or family crises.

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