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Pregnancy counselling

Pregnancy counselling

Pregnancy counselling usually provides information and advice free of charge and anonymously on request on all questions related to pregnancy. It is offered in Waldeck-Frankenberg by the Diakonisches Werk Waldeck-Frankenberg You can also get help and support there if you are in an emergency situation. Topics are:

  • Pregnancy and birth
  • Counselling before, during and after prenatal diagnostics
  • Parenthood and life with infant/toddler
  • Counselling for expectant parents with impairments
  • Social and early support for expectant mothers, expectant fathers and families
  • Financial assistance from the Federal Foundation "Mother and Child
  • Legal entitlements and benefits, support in making applications and enforcing legal claims
  • Family planning, partnership, sexuality and contraception
  • Desire for children and fertility
  • Adoption, foster care and confidential birth
  • Abortion
  • Accompaniment after an abortion or loss of a child

Conflict counselling

Pregnancy conflict counselling helps if you are unintentionally pregnant or your current life circumstances are not compatible with having a child. The counselling is open-ended and anonymous upon request. Regardless of the outcome of the conflict counselling, the counselling is confirmed by a counselling certificate, which is necessary for a penalty-free termination of pregnancy. Further counselling is possible in the decision-making process, in case of psychological problems after an abortion, or even if you decide to continue the pregnancy.

Confidential birth

Confidential birth is a birth in which the woman gives birth to her child under a pseudonym in a medically safe manner in a clinic or with a midwife. Confidential birth is intended to prevent births without professional medical care. It also aims to prevent newborns from being anonymously abandoned or killed. During the entire confidential birth procedure, the woman is cared for and accompanied by a counsellor from the pregnancy counselling centre on site. Children born in confidence have the right to inquire about the identity of their biological mother and thus their own parentage after 16 years.

The free nationwide help line "Pregnant women in distress - anonymous and safe" can be reached around the clock and every day of the year at 0800/40 40 020. Experienced counsellors are your first point of contact for all worries, doubts or fears related to pregnancy and will refer you to a local pregnancy counselling centre if you wish. Counselling is confidential and anonymous. It is offered in 18 languages - including sign language.

Counselling services are available in the district of Waldeck-Frankenberg in all four medium-sized centres: