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Help for parents, children and teenagers

Help for children, parents and teenagers

The counseling center for parents, children and adolescents of the Waldeck-Frankenberg district offers advice and support as well as therapy for the development and upbringing of children, individual problem situations of a child, family crises, couple conflicts, separations and separation consequences - for children, adolescents and young adults up to 27 years, parents, foster and adoptive parents, single parents or couples.

The counseling center offers counseling and therapy on parenting issues, for example, when parents disagree on parenting issues or they need support and guidance. Furthermore, it provides support with school decisions or when children have problems with learning at school or homework situations. Furthermore, she advises in individual or family crises of any kind - from problems within the family to couple conflicts or insoluble differences between children and parents.

The use of counseling and therapy is free of charge and does not require a referral.

Cooperation with doctors, schools, kindergartens, authorities and other counseling institutions takes place if the necessary consent is given by those seeking advice. The employees are bound by the legal duty of confidentiality.