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Crisis management

Crisis management

Life crises often come unexpectedly and often first push those affected into a deep dark hole. The district offers counselling and support to overcome low points - and to draw new strength from them. Whether difficulties in old age or in need of care, psychological problems or other difficult life situations: the district of Waldeck-Frankenberg supports those affected and their relatives with a wide range of support services.

Contact point: Help for self-help

The self-help groups in Waldeck-Frankenberg offer exchange, support, comfort. The district has set up a contact point where self-help work is bundled and promoted.

Independent Complaints Office for Psychiatry

Whether mental illness, addiction, problems in old age or personal crises: The Independent Complaints Office for Psychiatry helps and supports people who have had problematic experiences with the help system.

Immediate help after rape

In the Waldeck-Frankenberg district, victims can receive medical care after a rape - if they wish, even without reporting it to the police if they do not want to do so (for the time being).

Round table against domestic violence

Together against domestic violence: the Round Table against Violence of the district works under the auspices of the Women's Office against violence in the domestic sphere in Waldeck-Frankenberg.

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Social psychiatric service

The district's social psychiatric service supports those affected
and their relatives with mental or social problems.

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