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Educational & ProfilPASS counseling

Educational & ProfilPASS counseling

Educational counseling accompanies people in their personal continuing education or professional reorientation process. Together, goals are developed, perspectives are examined and options for action are explored. The goal is to sustainably strengthen individual educational potential and to make educational paths accessible. The counseling process is structured by an initial interview and a review of the educational biography, so that new educational goals and action steps can be defined. The creation of a ProfilPASS can also be helpful in this process. If necessary, further referral and accompaniment to other educational providers can take place.

The HESSENCAMPUS education and ProfilPASS counseling is

  • individual
  • resource-oriented
  • free

During the counseling interview, there is an opportunity to compare learning experiences and professional and private experiences, skills and competencies with educational aspirations. The goal is to develop realistic educational perspectives and a suitable strategy. If desired, contacts to special education providers can be established. Educational counseling is aimed at young people and adults who want to reorient themselves or need specific information about educational opportunities. For good counseling, a living cooperation with educational providers in the region is indispensable.

ProfilPASS Consulting

In ProfilPASS counseling, not only formal degrees are recorded, but also competencies, skills and experiences from the areas of life family, leisure and volunteer work. In this way, a ProfilPASS is created that supports professional reorientation.

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Educational Guidance

Educational counseling is geared to the individual biography and needs of the person seeking advice. Together, goals are developed, perspectives are opened up and options for action are identified. The goal is to sustainably strengthen educational potential and make educational paths accessible.

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This is what our clients say:

Thank you for the very friendly and informative advice. It was fun and I can recommend it.

(Frank Gutmann, Bad Wildungen)

I would like to thank you very much for the good consultation with and by Ms. Bangert. The discussions were empathetic and new horizons and possibilities were opened up for me. It can only be recommended to anyone who wants or needs to reorient themselves professionally!

(Christof Hollenstein-Nadaschdy)

Thank you very much for the friendly advice, (...). Even though there are very few subsidized further education opportunities for this age group, your dedicated advice helped me. (...)

(Renate W. )

Very honest, empathetic, attentive. Super advice, fast appointment, super accessibility, super solutions and recommended for everyone!!!

(Helena Breida)