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Voluntary commitment

Voluntary commitment

Volunteering in the Waldeck-Frankenberg district is becoming increasingly important - especially in this day and age. It is also an expression of willingness to take responsibility, solidarity and the desire to be active in the community.

  • Ehrenamtscard

    The district of Waldeck-Frankenberg participates in the Hessian Volunteer Card. In particular, persons who are active in the service of others or for the community on an unpaid and permanent basis are to receive the Ehrenamts-Card.

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  • Volunteer search engine

    There are many clubs and groups in the district where you can actively volunteer. The volunteer search engine offers the possibility to present the groups and to gain new members at the same time. The search engine offers those interested in club or group work the opportunity to look at the offers of clubs and groups throughout the district and to find something suitable for themselves. "Active together" is a Hesse-wide slogan in the honorary office, which stands in a special way for the work in our clubs, groups and associations. Use the search engine to be "Active together".

  • Project "Volunteering? Runs!"

    Without volunteer "caretakers," no association work would be possible, associations and interest groups would not be able to work for the general public, or many a meaningful project would have to be discontinued even before it was initiated. However, increasingly complicated regulations, data protection provisions, and higher expectations on the part of association members often make life difficult for volunteers. This is where the joint project of the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture and the German Association of Counties "Hauptamt stärkt Ehrenamt" comes in - counties are testing exemplary ways of improving structures to strengthen volunteerism.

  • Project "Well coordinated

    Well coordinated: Waldeck-Frankenberg is also one of seven coordination centers for civic engagement in Hesse. The goal is to provide volunteers in Waldeck-Frankenberg with the best possible support for their work. Important building blocks are the establishment of a solid infrastructure and networking among volunteers and with the cities and communities.

Advent calendar action 2022 for associations

Join in, get involved, make a difference: Volunteering is an essential pillar of society - also in Waldeck-Frankenberg. To raise awareness of volunteer initiatives and associations, the district is launching an Advent calendar campaign on Facebook in the run-up to Christmas - and presenting a different initiative every day. Interested parties can register by November 13.

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