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The Youth Service of the Waldeck-Frankenberg district is the responsible body for public youth welfare and is committed to children, young people, parents and families, supports the competence and the educational mandate of parents and is the contact for children and young people. Every young person has the right to support his or her development and to be raised to become an independent and socially responsible person. The district's youth service provides the best possible support and advice here - and also assumes a supervisory role.

Foster parents wanted!

There are situations in which parents are temporarily unable to raise, care for and provide for their children. For these situations, the district is looking for foster parents who can provide temporary support.

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Juvenile jurors wanted

The district is looking for juvenile jurors who would like to serve in the local courts of Korbach, Frankenberg and Fritzlar and the district courts in Kassel and Marburg.

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Maintenance advance

If the support of minor children is not secured because the parent liable for support does not pay or cannot pay support for this child, the county can make advance payments under certain conditions.

Help with custody issues

Parents are entitled to support in all custody matters. The counseling aims in particular at the development of parents' own competence to jointly and responsibly take care of the concerns and duties for their children, even in case of partner problems.

Social service

The social service of the Waldeck-Frankenberg district offers children, adolescents, young adults and parents advice, support and assistance in various life situations - especially crisis situations and conflicts.

Child day care

The desire to reconcile family and career requires a network of qualified and reliable offers. Child day care has become an indispensable component of child care in the district.

Healthy lunch

A balanced diet is the basis for good development. In the daycare centers in Waldeck-Frankenberg, many children are cared for all day. The district of Waldeck-Frankenberg actively promotes balanced lunchtime meals.

Early aids

The birth of a child presents all young parents with new challenges. Early support is available to ensure that pregnant women and young families receive the best possible support and to make the start in life for their child as loving, safe and healthy as possible.

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Education and participation for children and young people

Low-income families are entitled to support for education and participation in social and cultural life.

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