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The agricultural department of the Waldeck-Frankenberg district performs sovereign tasks in agriculture and forestry, looks after the agricultural businesses in Waldeck-Frankenberg and implements the European Union's support programs for agriculture and landscape conservation measures as a commissioned matter.

It is responsible for public concerns in the context of all land-use measures and prepares expert opinions - for example, in the designation of building areas, building in the outskirts, road construction, new forest plantations, but also in the various planning positions such as landscape framework and land use plans, regional spatial plans. In addition, he is the link to the local farmers in Waldeck-Frankenberg - and is in constant exchange with the local interest groups on the subject of agriculture.

Area Agricultural Committee

The county's Area Agricultural Committee is composed of representatives of agricultural and horticultural organizations and participates in issues related to vocational training, agricultural promotion, or land-related planning.

Direct marketing

Epicureans are in the right place in Waldeck-Frankenberg. For all those who want to live consciously and healthily, the district offers everything the heart desires. Whether organic lovers, vegans, vegetarians or fish and meat eaters: there is something for everyone here.

Fairs & Events

Whether markets, trade fairs or other events: The district of Waldeck-Frankenberg is present with its direct marketers and artisans at numerous events and markets the Genussregion Waldeck-Frankenberg - even beyond the district borders.

Landscape Conservation Association

Coordinating nature conservation measures, preserving cultural landscapes: The Waldeck-Frankenberg district has founded a landscape conservation association to preserve plant and animal habitats - and thus promote species conservation.

Eco-model region

Organic farming is environmentally and climate friendly. As one of eight eco-model regions in Hesse, the district is working on how this form of farming can be further developed.

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Direct marketers and artisans

In Waldeck-Frankenberg there are numerous direct marketers and artisans who offer their products in farm stores and at markets.

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