County for vaccinations in centers and at doctors' offices

The pandemic continues to pose enormous challenges to public and private life. In order to cope with these, numerous Hessian counties and independent cities believe that as many people as possible must be vaccinated as soon as possible - both in vaccination centers and in general practitioners' offices. They state this in a joint letter to the Hessian Minister of State, Peter Beuth. The district of Waldeck-Frankenberg also supports this demand.

"Vaccinations are an essential building block for the return to a new normal. However, for the strategy to work in the best possible way, vaccinations must now continue to be given both by general practitioners and in the vaccination centers," says Karl-Friedrich Frese, First District Commissioner and Head of Health for the Waldeck-Frankenberg District. "Only by combining both ways can we bring a high tempo to the vaccination campaign." He very much welcomes the fact that family doctors are now finally being involved in the process. Nevertheless, the capacities of the vaccination centers, which have not yet been exhausted to any extent, must be used much more on a permanent basis, he said.

"We could vaccinate at least 1,000 people per day in Waldeck-Frankenberg in six vaccination lines, rather more," Frese continued. So far, however, the vaccination centers could not even show their full scope of work and services due to a lack of vaccine. "We are strongly positioned and well organized here and can vaccinate large groups of people quickly and efficiently. The prerequisite for this is that we finally get more vaccine made available."

Together with representatives of the Bergstrasse, Fulda, Marburg-Biedenkopf and Vogelsberg counties and the cities of Darmstadt and Wiesbaden, the county has therefore written to Hesse's Minister of State Peter Beuth. It says: "This is not about the question of family doctors or vaccination centers, but we strongly advocate, in the sense of a rapid achievement of herd immunity, to ensure that both vaccination centers and doctors are sufficiently equipped with vaccine to bring the vaccine to the people with the highest possible efficiency quickly and effectively."