Day seminar of the Women's Office on September 11 in Harbshausen

The women's office of the district Waldeck-Frankenberg invites all interested women for Saturday, September 11, 2021, in compliance with the current corona rules to a one-day seminar in the sports, nature and adventure camp in the Breitenbachtal near Vöhl-Harbshausen. In cooperation with the office for civic women's work e. V. the seminar stands from 10:00 to 16:00 o'clock under the slogan "Out of the adjustment! - Believe in yourself and discover your strengths". Speaker is Ingeburg Amodé from Frankfurt, diploma actress, director and coach. The participation fee of 55 euros includes lunch, contents include the review of old beliefs, exercises to discover your own strength or guided fantasy journeys to the inner source of strength.

Little else can weaken a woman's self-confidence as permanently as comments about how she looks or how she seems. Women live in a culture of appearances. While equipped with the greatest freedom ever granted to women, they often strive to conform to the norm, be it in beauty, fitness or status. However, many women are now also beginning to question this game and step off the carousel of conformity.

In the one-day seminar, participants learn to take responsibility for their own lives again. They make sure that they are well, that they make peace with their bodies, discover the potential in themselves and walk the path to their own greatness. When women allow themselves to be truly authentic, to respect themselves, to accept themselves with all their rough edges and not to constantly judge themselves, they no longer need to judge others either. The biggest step towards freedom and self-determination: learning to accept yourself, with all your supposed weaknesses and, above all, allowing yourself to like yourself.

Registrations for the seminar are possible until August 31, 2021 at the women's office of the district under Tel. 05631 954-318 or e-mail Further information on the event is also available there.