Federal Armed Forces support the county in vaccination

Vaccinations against the coronavirus in Waldeck-Frankenberg are progressing - both at the vaccination center in Korbach and throughout the district via the mobile vaccination teams. More than 10,000 vaccination doses have already been administered. In addition to the actual prick, however, the vaccinations also mean a great deal of organizational effort. For some weeks now, the Waldeck-Frankenberg district has also been supported in this by soldiers from the Burgwald barracks in Frankenberg and the district liaison command.

Whether in the vaccination center, in outreach vaccination in the cities and communities or in the old people's and nursing homes, there are currently more than 40 soldiers on duty who, together with the mobile teams and employees of the vaccination center, work to ensure that the vaccinations are administered as smoothly as possible. "We are very grateful for this commitment of the comrades," said District Administrator Dr. Reinhard Kubat. "We appreciate very much that we can count on the support of the domestic Bundeswehr in this exceptional situation."

At the vaccination center, the servicemen and women are currently supporting the teams on site in organizing and running the vaccination process. Together with administrative staff, they help register vaccinees at the registration desk, guide them through the individual areas of the vaccination lanes and are also available to answer organizational questions. In the outreach vaccination program, which is currently running in parallel in the cities and municipalities, they also provide support with administrative and organizational tasks.

"Already now, the soldiers are a valuable help to us," says also the First District Commissioner and Head of Health Karl-Friedrich Frese. "Especially when more vaccine is available and the capacity of the center in Korbach is also significantly ramped up once again, this support will continue to be necessary." The Waldeck-Frankenberg vaccination center is designed to be able to perform up to 1,000 vaccinations per day.

The deputy head of the state liaison command in Hesse, Colonel Siegfried Zeyer, also got a picture of the work of the Frankenberg soldiers and the district liaison command. After the opening of the Korbach vaccination center, he took a look at the efforts of his comrades on site - and praised them for their commitment close to home in the fight against the pandemic.

However, the Bundeswehr is not only involved in the vaccination campaign. It also supports preventive measures: The federal government stipulates that employees in elderly care and nursing facilities be tested for the coronavirus regularly and as a precautionary measure using rapid tests, in order to prevent an outbreak in facilities like these as far as possible. For this reason, the Frankenberg soldiers were also trained in taking swabs. They now support the old people's and nursing homes in Waldeck-Frankenberg in carrying out the weekly staff tests.

"In a situation like the current one, it's good to see institutions working together in solidarity - and supporting each other in the fight against the virus," Kubat and Frese continue to emphasize. "Only through joint efforts can we together manage to keep the virus in check and push it back piece by piece."