Geopark GrenzWeltenseeks geotope of the year 2021

The National Geopark GrenzWeltenwould like to honor a geotope worthy of special protection again this year. Last year, the "Ederstede (Klingelstede)" near Burgwald-Birkenbringhausen received the honor. With this campaign, the Geopark wants to highlight the importance and value of individual geological objects for the public - and at the same time contribute to their protection. Proposals are accepted until March 26.

Geotopes are earth-historical formations of inanimate nature that provide insights into the development of the earth and life. They include outcrops of rocks, soils, minerals and fossils as well as special natural creations such as karst caves or rock formations. They are worthy of preservation if they are distinguished by their special geological significance, rarity or beauty. Geotopes are of particularly high value for science and research, but also for the teaching of natural history and local history.

The award as "Geotope of the Year 2021" is made by the project office of the National Geopark GrenzWelten. Proposals with a short description of the object and a short justification of the proposal can be submitted by individual citizens, citizens' groups and associations until March 26. The project office calls for active participation. It will check the suitability of the proposal and present the selected geotope in the local press, on the Geopark's homepage and social media channels. For more information, contact the Border WorldsNational Geopark project office by phone at 05631 954-512 or by e-mail at