District lifts curfew and issues ban for Willingen

The curfew that has been in effect in Waldeck-Frankenberg since 21 December and expired yesterday will not be extended for the time being. The reason for this is that - although the incidence of infection in the district remains high - it has, however, stabilised in recent days at a constant level with an average incidence value of just under 200 for the time being. However, the district has been forced to take action elsewhere by general order - and is initially prohibiting access to the skiing and tobogganing slopes and the associated car parks in the municipality of Willingen from 8 to 10 January.

The winter weather has attracted numerous visitors to the winter sports region in recent days. At the weekend, the situation in Upland was barely manageable due to the rush. For reasons of infection control, the district decided on the initial three-day restriction. This affects the Willingen slopes Sonnenlift, Ritzhagen, K1, Ettelsberg, Wilddieb and Dorfwiese, the Usselen slopes Kahler Pön, Bühler Höhe, Emmet as well as the Iberg ski lift in Schwalefeld. "After pistes and car parks were already closed in Winterberg at the weekend, the rush to Willingen was almost unstoppable," reports Thomas Trachte, mayor of the municipality of Willingen. The police therefore even had to completely close the access roads from Brilon, Korbach and Diemelsee to traffic on Sunday.

"Minimum distances could neither be observed nor controlled with the mass of day tourists - even outdoors. The obligation to wear masks was also disregarded in many cases," Karl-Friedrich Frese, First District Commissioner and Head of the District Health Department, continues. "The risk of infection is enormously high under such conditions." Therefore, after consultation with the municipality of Willingen and the Waldeck-Frankenberg police department, no other option was seen to temporarily reduce the flow of visitors by imposing restrictions in order to protect the people in the district and also the guests.

The ban applies from Friday, 8 January until Sunday, 10 January inclusive. This is the end of the winter holidays in many places, which is expected to ease the situation in Willingen. If necessary, further measures will be discussed. The district appeals to all people to observe the rules, which will be comprehensively controlled by the regulatory authorities of the municipality of Willingen together with the police in the coming days. Violations will be punished with fines of up to 200 euros.

"Waldeck-Frankenberg is the number one tourism region in Hesse and we basically welcome every guest from the bottom of our hearts," says District Administrator Dr. Reinhard Kubat. The desire to spend time with loved ones in winter sports activities when the weather is nice is more than understandable, he says. "However, we are in the midst of the ongoing pandemic. In the current situation, it is therefore with a heavy heart that we have to ask all guests not to come here and to stay at home."