Removal of prioritisation from 7 June: No vaccination without an appointment

The federal government has decided that as of 7 June the prioritisation for Corona vaccinations will be lifted. Everyone will be eligible for a vaccination from then on. However, the district of Waldeck-Frankenberg makes it clear once again: Nevertheless, vaccinations at the vaccination centre are only possible after prior appointment with the state of Hesse.

The removal of prioritisation does not automatically mean that more vaccine is available. Therefore, it is still necessary to make an appointment for a vaccination at the vaccination centre of the district via the appointment portal of the state of Hesse: Those wishing to be vaccinated can register there for a vaccination by telephone via tel. 0611 505 92 888 or tel. 116 117 or online at or

The removal of prioritisation means that there will no longer be preferential vaccination for members of the eligibility groups, but that everyone - regardless of age, profession or previous illness, etc. - can apply to the state of Hesse for a vaccination appointment. However, the First District Commissioner and Head of the Health Department of the district Karl-Friedrich Frese also makes it clear: "As a result, there is no more vaccine available at our vaccination centre. We therefore continue to ask for patience regarding the allocation of vaccination appointments." The district has no influence on this, as it is controlled by the state of Hesse. In addition to the appointment portal of the state, everyone can also consult their own family doctor regarding an appointment.

For the vaccination follow-up platform of the district of Waldeck-Frankenberg, through which remaining vaccination doses are randomly allocated to follow-up candidates during the day, the lifting of prioritisation means that the registration option here is temporarily suspended. "We currently still have so nearly 8,000 members of the eligible prioritisation groups according to the vaccination ordinance in the substitute pool that we have to suspend registration for new substitutes for the time being," explains First District Commissioner and Head of Health Karl-Friedrich Frese. Already registered latecomers still have the chance to get a spontaneous vaccination offer at random if there are doses left. Only one registration of new people will be paused until the number of prioritised people in the pool has significantly reduced. "When this is foreseeable, we will reopen the registration option and then communicate this accordingly," the First District Commissioner continued.

He also calls for patience and prudence when it comes to vaccination: "We are on the right track in Waldeck-Frankenberg. As of 6 June, a total of 76,132 vaccine doses had been administered in the district by the mobile teams and in the vaccination centre, 49,741 first vaccinations (vaccination rate: 31.8 per cent) and 26,391 second vaccinations (vaccination rate: 16.9 per cent)... The doses given by general practitioners are in addition to this. "We hope that - depending on the availability of the vaccine - we will be able to make a vaccination offer to all people in the district in a timely manner together with the general practices and company doctors."