Digital vaccination certificate: district and police warn against fraud

Throughout Hesse, the police and the health offices have become aware of several cases in which fraudsters have pretended to be employees of a health office. The fraudsters mainly called elderly people and told them that an electronic vaccination certificate was to be created. For this purpose, they allegedly needed the personal data of the seniors called. In the cases where these data were also given out, there were subsequently also debits from the accounts of the injured parties.

So far, no such cases have been reported in the Waldeck-Frankenberg district. To ensure that this remains the case, the police and the district point out that vaccinated persons will not be called personally regarding the digital vaccination certificate under any circumstances. On the contrary - the way to the digital vaccination certificate is as follows: People who have been vaccinated at the vaccination centre in Korbach or via the district's mobile teams will receive a letter from the state of Hesse after their second vaccination, informing them of their personal QR code. They can scan this with their smartphone and upload it to the Corona Warning app or the CovPass app. They can then carry the digital proof of complete vaccination protection with them and - if necessary - show it on their mobile phone.

Personal information or even bank details should therefore never be given out over the phone. Anyone who receives calls like this or who knows of similar cases should report them to the police immediately. Fraud and misuse of data should thus be prevented as far as possible.

In this context, and also because there have recently been numerous attempts to defraud elderly people, for example by the so-called "grandchild trick" or "false police officers", the Waldeck-Frankenberg police department provides the following tips to protect yourself from fraud schemes:

Corona virus vaccination ("digital vaccination certificate")

  • If you receive an unscheduled visit in connection with the Corona virus vaccination or the "digital vaccination passport", or if you are asked to pay, call the police immediately on 110.
  • Do not respond to demands for money, as no costs are incurred by citizens in connection with Corona virus vaccinations.


 Phone calls

  • Do not let yourself be pressured on the phone.
  • Hang up as soon as there are demands for money on the phone.
  • Do not give out private data and information about financial circumstances on the phone.
  • Be suspicious of people who do not introduce themselves by name.
  • If you are unsure, hang up and dial 110.


Home visits

  • Do not let strangers into your home.
  • Ask officials to show you the pass and, if in doubt, check with the relevant authority.
  • Do not hand over valuables or money at the front door.
  • Defend yourself vigorously against intrusive visitors, close the door, get loud and dial 110.


E-mail and Internet

  • Do not open any data, links or attachments from unknown addressees.
  • Do not give out personal data, especially bank details. Do not send copies of your identity cards to unknown persons. They could misuse your identity.
  • Be suspicious of online shops that only accept payment in advance or by credit card.
  • Do not accept demands for money from internet acquaintances.