Vaccination follow-up platform: New registrations possible

After a short break, the district's vaccination catch-up platform goes back online on 14 June: From Monday onwards, anyone - regardless of age, profession or previous illness - can register online for a spontaneous late appointment and has the chance to receive a short-term vaccination offer at random if there are any doses left at the district's vaccination centre on any given day. There is no longer any prioritisation.

No vaccine dose expires

Via the district's follow-up platform, those willing to be vaccinated are only offered a spontaneous appointment by text message, regardless of any prioritisation, if there are vaccine doses left. The platform was set up so that no vaccination doses are forfeited if someone did not show up for the appointment or if appointments were also spontaneously announced. Those willing to be vaccinated can register via an online form on the district's website at "We cannot guarantee that those who register will definitely be contacted and receive an offer," says District Administrator Dr Reinhard Kubat. "But we have been ensuring for several weeks now that not a single vaccination dose goes to waste at the vaccination centre.

Notification via SMS to mobile phone

"If there are vaccine doses left on a day, the vaccination must take place very promptly," First District Commissioner and Head of Health Karl-Friedrich Frese further explains. "So anyone who signs up in advance online for the back-up list has to be available both quickly on their mobile phone to confirm the possible vaccination date." Furthermore, he said, he must be able to appear at the vaccination centre in Korbach within the shortest possible time. Therefore, the notifications are only sent by text message to the mobile phone.

Anyone who has registered on the district's website on the follow-up platform and receives such a notification with a possible vaccination appointment on their mobile phone in future must reply to this SMS with "YES" (in capital letters and without punctuation marks). The appointment is only valid if the person who wants to be vaccinated has received a second SMS as confirmation of the appointment. "More interested persons are notified via the digital back-up platform than there are remaining doses," is how district fire inspector and the head of the vaccination centre Gerhard Biederbick explains the procedure. "Whoever accepts the short-term offer for vaccination first also gets the date finally confirmed." In this way, he says, one can be sure that the remaining doses will be vaccinated in time in any case. It is also important to note that you can only register on the late-arrival platform if you have not yet received your first vaccination.

Deleting from the successor platform

In this context, we ask you once again to delete yourself from the vaccination follow-up platform if you have already received a vaccination at the vaccination centre or from a family doctor or company doctor. You can deregister from the system by replying to a spontaneous vaccination offer by SMS with the word DELETE (in capital letters and without punctuation). You will then be automatically deleted from the system.

Main registration channel via the state's appointment portal

Furthermore, Biederbick clarifies: "The main registration channel for vaccination is and remains the appointment allocation portal of the state of Hesse." The district's backlog platform only offers the chance to get a vaccination earlier, if necessary. "As a rule, we try to time the vaccine so that, if possible, there are no doses left at the end of a day," Biederbick continued. "However, should this be the case, the new digital platform is a good way to quickly administer the doses to those willing to be vaccinated."

If you have received a vaccination via the Waldeck-Frankenberg district's supplementary portal and have also registered for a vaccination with the state of Hesse at the same time, you must also deregister for your vaccination with the state of Hesse - either online at or or by calling 116 117 or Tel. 0611 - 505 92 888 - so that the date can be allocated to someone else quickly.