More vaccine: County promotes registration for vaccinations

Starting next week, the district of Waldeck-Frankenberg will receive a special delivery of vaccine from the manufacturer AstraZeneca: A total of 2,000 additional doses will be made available to the vaccination centre in Korbach by the state of Hesse. The district is therefore calling on people over 60 in particular to register for vaccination with the state of Hesse and the district of Waldeck-Frankenberg.

"The chances of getting a vaccination appointment here already in the next few days are very good," says the head of the district's vaccination centre, district fire inspector Gerhard Biederbick. "The special delivery puts us in the comfortable position of being able to offer a large number of vaccination appointments for people over 60 in the next two weeks." For the advancement of the vaccination campaign in Waldeck-Frankenberg, this is a further impulse.

In addition, after the majority of second vaccinations were carried out in the past weeks, more first vaccinations with the BionTech and Moderna vaccines are on the agenda. In order to be able to achieve the respective vaccination targets, registration for these vaccines is also being solicited on the district's vaccination follow-up platform.

Shortening the interval between vaccinations

In addition, from July onwards, the interval between the first and second vaccination with AstraZeneca will also be shortened at the vaccination centre in Korbach: those vaccinated for the first time will then already receive the second injection nine weeks after the first vaccination. Previously, they had to wait twelve weeks. Vaccinated people are therefore already considered to be fully protected sooner than before. "We therefore call on people to register for a vaccination immediately," says Biederbick.

Vaccination as protection against mutation

These are a very significant contribution to the containment of the coronavirus - especially with regard to the spread of the delta variant, which is on the rise throughout Germany and is already playing a clear role in the incidence of infection in Hesse. "In Waldeck-Frankenberg, there has only been one confirmed case so far in mid-May," reports Thomas Hetche, head of the district's health department. "But since the variant continues to spread, we expect that it could also dominate the infection incidence in this country in the near future." The medical doctor and public health officer therefore emphasises once again: "Vaccinations are an effective means of stopping the virus. You not only protect yourself, but also the people you love.

Registration for vaccination is possible via the official appointment portal of the state of Hesse at or tel. 116 117 as well as tel. 0611 - 505 92 888. In addition, those willing to be vaccinated can still register on the vaccination follow-up platform of the district at