STARK BEWEGT project set on Corona

The Corona pandemic has an impact on all population groups, but especially on children and young people. Group sports may not be played, youth centers have closed, and schools and kindergartens have to cope with a reduced presence. As a result, many opportunities for social and societal participation are eliminated for young people. It is already clear that they are suffering as a result - no one can yet say what the long-term consequences will be.

The restrictions pose a particular challenge for educational professionals, and not only in schools. Youth work and administration are also called upon to develop offers on how social learning processes or personality-building measures can be implemented while observing hygiene rules and distance requirements. A very important aspect in this context is also physical activity programs for young people.

This is where the Waldeck-Frankenberg district comes in. Since 2012, it has been offering STARK BEWEGT, an experiential education training program that is conducted primarily in schools. They have now been adapted to the extent that they are also feasible under pandemic conditions with distance requirements and in compliance with hygiene rules. "We can be proud that with STARK BEWEGT we have a comprehensive, targeted concept, thanks to which we are quite capable of mitigating the consequences of the Corona pandemic for children and young people," emphasizes District Administrator Dr. Reinhard Kubat. The program could serve as a model for school authorities nationwide, and he hopes for numerous imitators.

At the beginning of the pandemic in spring 2020, the lead department for sports and youth work adapted STARK BEWEGT to the changed conditions, explains department head Matthias Schäfer. A guideline has been created that schools can use to find out about pandemic-compatible procedures for conducting training and designing exercises. After the summer vacations last year, the modified concept was successfully implemented. Schäfer continues, "From August to November last year, we were able to use it to give more than 1,400 children and young people a bit of normality in the midst of Corona in 70 training measures." The feedback from teachers and trainers has been consistently enthusiastic.

District Administrator Dr. Kubat once again expressly points out: "With the STARK BEWEGT program, we in the Waldeck-Frankenberg district already have a district-wide system with which we can counter the consequences of the pandemic among children and young people." Discrepancies that have arisen in the social and motor areas - as a result of contact restrictions and the closure of sports and other meeting places - are being dealt with in a targeted and effective manner. Very topical: In February of the current year, members of the STARK BEWEGT team were able to inform themselves about the latest developments and exchange ideas at three online training sessions thanks to the guide - an optimal preparation for the new season.

The district has now started this new season. STARK BEWEGT training measures can now be booked again for all types of schools. The timing and content can be planned individually, and the arrangements are made in compliance with the applicable distance and hygiene rules. Inquiries about the training measures can be made to the district's sports and youth work department at Further information about STARK BEWEGT is also available there.