County calls for events to be canceled

The Corona situation in Waldeck-Frankenberg is serious. In recent weeks, the number of infections has climbed steadily. In recent days, the incidence has risen by an average of 20 cases per day. "We must now pull the emergency brake," warn District Administrator Dr. Reinhard Kubat and First District Deputy Karl-Friedrich Frese. The district is therefore calling for the cancellation of all planned Christmas markets, celebrations and other gatherings.

In the midst of the fourth wave
The incidence of infection is currently developing in a manner comparable to the rising federal trend. "We are in the middle of the fourth wave, which is just building up in the county. The situation will continue to get worse," Health Director Frese continued. "It's imperative that we take countermeasures now so the situation doesn't get out of control." Hospitals are filling up - and there are celebrations at markets and events, he said. "That doesn't go together. Therefore, we make the urgent recommendation to all organizers to cancel their actions - even if they take place outside. We know this is bitter now, but we appeal to everyone's common sense and personal responsibility."

Transfer of sick people
The infection figures must now be urgently slowed down so that the situation remains as controllable as possible. In the last seven days there have been 329 new infections in the district, yesterday alone there were 86. The aggressive delta variant of the virus is spreading rapidly, the cool temperatures and the fact that people are mainly indoors are doing the rest. Currently, 17 infected people are undergoing inpatient treatment in the hospitals in Waldeck-Frankenberg, and 4 sufferers require intensive medical care. "This may sound moderate at first glance. However, we are currently seeing that it is becoming apparent that other districts are already transferring patients to us in Waldeck-Frankenberg because their capacities are exhausted," says Frese. "That we have to turn people away in our hospitals, we do not want to experience." Therefore, he said, it is important to do something now before it is too late.