New general order due to rising infection figures

Corona infection figures in the Waldeck-Frankenberg district have risen dramatically in recent days. While the incidence was still 48.6 on September 1, it rose to 82.4 within 24 hours, due to 79 new infections that had been added in the course of one day. According to First District Commissioner and Head of Health Karl Frese, this development forced the district to intervene immediately.

"We have to intervene and impose restrictions in view of the rapidly increasing numbers, but basically you can assume that by applying the so-called 3G regulations, the conditions are not quite as strict as in the lockdowns of the past months." Those who are vaccinated, recovered or tested will be able to participate in public life to the greatest extent possible, he said. However, attendance at major events would be scaled back again, and hygiene and distance rules would still have to be strictly followed.

Specifically, the following regulations apply, effective at 0:00 a.m. on September 4 and initially limited until and including September 16:

  • Admission to enclosed rooms at meetings, trade fairs, events and cultural events in accordance with Section 16 (1) CoSchuV only with negative proof in accordance with Section 3 CoSchuV regardless of the number of participants (i.e. also for more than 25 up to and including 100 persons). This also applies to private celebrations in public or specially rented rooms.
  • Admission as a visitor in facilities for the disabled only with negative proof according to § 3 CoSchuV.
  • Admission to indoor catering only for guests with negative proof according to § 3 CoSchuV (does not apply to employees in company canteens).
  • Admission to casinos, gambling halls and similar establishments as well as to betting shops only for guests with negative proof according to § 3 CoSchuV.
  • Admission to the interiors of cultural and recreational facilities as well as to the interiors of sports facilities (gyms, indoor swimming pools or gymnasiums) only with negative proof according to § 3 CoSchuV (does not apply to top-level and professional sports).
  • In overnight accommodations with shared facilities, the presentation of a negative proof according to § 3 CoSchuV upon arrival and for longer stays twice a week.
  • Provision of body-related services only for customers with negative proof according to § 3 CoSchuV.
  • General obligation to use medical masks in crowded situations where the minimum distances cannot be maintained.
  • Participant limit for events, cultural events and larger gatherings to 500 persons outdoors and 250 persons indoors (plus vaccinated/genetics); the competent authority may exceptionally permit a higher number of participants while ensuring continuous monitoring of compliance with the other requirements. This also applies to private celebrations in public or specially rented rooms.

The infection incidence, which now makes the new requirements necessary, is diffuse and distributed over the entire district. However, it is not the regular tests at the schools that have led to the drastic increase in the number of infections, emphasized the First District Commissioner. Among the 79 newly infected, only 11 cases were due to the school tests, he said.

According to Frese, even in view of the new developments, there are individual facts that give courage and from which one can see that the strategy adopted is the right one. "The number of Covid 19 patients treated as inpatients in hospitals in Waldeck-Frankenberg is low, totaling 3, none of whom required intensive care," Frese said. "This makes it clear that we have already made good progress with the vaccination coverage of the population and that severe courses no longer occur so often." Vaccination is the safest protection against infection, he said, and he can only advise anyone who has not yet decided to get vaccinated to do so soon. Vaccination increases individual protection and is also a service to the community.