County urges voluntary compliance with Corona rules

Most of the Corona rules have been suspended, life has returned to a little more normality, but this should not tempt people to become too carefree. First District Commissioner and Health Officer Karl Friedrich Frese points out that the seven-day incidence has recently shown a marked upward trend again. "Of course, this has to do with the highly contagious omicron sub-variant BA.5, which is spreading rapidly, especially in Portugal, but also in other European countries."

In this context, it is worrying that a significant increase in mortality in connection with corona is being registered in Portugal. According to experts, it will take about a month before we can say with any certainty whether this development will also be seen in Germany.

"It is highly likely that we will not have an infection-free summer," Frese notes. "All the more so as social life picks up again and many large events are being held again." Currently, high incidence figures can be observed in the aftermath of large festivals and events in the villages and towns in the district. Therefore, it is once again important to exercise caution and to take personal responsibility for the greatest possible protection against infection.

Experts currently assume that the number of unreported cases of Corona disease is high. Many cases are not recorded by the RKI, mainly because by far not all infected persons have a PCR test done or are able to do so due to a lack of test sites. But the official statistics are based without exception on positive PCR tests. In view of this, and also because the next major wave of infections is expected in the fall, the health officer recommends completing one's own vaccination protection and taking advantage of the booster vaccinations recommended by the STIKO. He also said it is helpful to protect oneself by voluntarily wearing masks, especially indoors, and by observing distance and hygiene rules. Corona continues to be a concrete reality and threat. The lifting of most of the requirements and restrictions does not change that, the first county commissioner made clear. "Most of the rules have fallen, but the virus is still there," he concluded.