Training Day at Südring on 27 September

Tax office, office for land management, Energie Waldeck-Frankenberg GmbH and the district administration: At Südring in the district town of Korbach, different companies are located that perform a variety of tasks. But what exactly are the tasks performed there? To answer this question, EWF GmbH and the authorities are organizing a joint information afternoon on September 27 from 2 to 6 p.m. for future school leavers and interested parents.

What happens after school? A difficult question, the answer to which needs to be well thought out. To help find the right decision, interested students can get an insight into the tasks of the authorities located at Südring and Energie Waldeck-Frankenberg GmbH next Tuesday. In front of the entrance of the district administration the tax office, the office for land management, the Energie Waldeck-Frankenberg GmbH and the district administration will set up with information material around the training and study courses. The training managers, trainees and students will be available to answer questions and talk about their day-to-day training and study activities.

Further information is available on the websites of the participating authorities and Energie Waldeck-Frankenberg GmbH.