Self-help contact centre presents new guide

"Let's talk" is the title of the updated self-help guide presented by Karl-Friedrich Frese, First District Councillor and Head of the Health Department. The guide is available as a small brochure and can be ordered now.

Under the motto "Let's talk", the brochure provides an overview of the existing self-help groups in the district of Waldeck-Frankenberg. Organised into the four subject areas "Chronic illnesses", "Mental health problems", "Addiction" and "Special life situations", the self-help guide is supplemented by background information on self-help. Talking to like-minded people is at the centre of a self-help group and can be very relieving and show new ways of organising everyday life.

In his foreword, First District Councillor Frese emphasises: "Self-help groups contribute to comprehensive care for citizens." A personal crisis often leads people to seek out a self-help group. Participating in the group sessions can be the right way for those affected to cope better with their new life situation. Frese thanked all those involved in self-help for making this special contribution and standing up for others.

To help interested sufferers find their way to the self-help group that is most suitable for them, i.e. the "right" group, the guide contains the above-mentioned overview of existing self-help groups. Interested parties can also find out about newly founded groups or groups that are in the process of being founded and are not yet included in the brochure: The website of the self-help contact centre provides an up-to-date overview.

The self-help guide can be requested free of charge from the self-help contact centre by calling 05631 954-1888 or sending an email to . It can also be collected directly from the self-help contact centre in the health department at Südring 3 in Korbach. Professionals from the health and social sector can also order larger quantities of the brochure to hand out to those affected in the relevant places. The staff at the contact centre will be happy to answer any further questions you may have about joining a self-help group or setting up a group.


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